"Pioneer has helped start my dream of becoming a neonatal nurse, I want to thank everyone at Pioneer who has helped me to become a better student, mother, and person."

- Brieann Johns
"Iím so happy to be attending Pioneer; Iím able to further my education in carpentry and earn my core credits at the same time. I canít wait to see what lies ahead for me here at Pioneer."

- Curtis Hatcher
"I never thought I would be a SkillsUSA officer, have good grades, be student of the month or even going to college but thanks to Pioneer I have been motivated to take a new path in life. I am proud to be a Pioneer student!"

- Cheyenne Bowman
"At Pioneer I have already experienced so much responsibility on the job site. People expect more, being a girl in this field, so being at Pioneer has helped put me ahead of others in this field."

- Raven Crawford
"Being at Pioneer has given me so many more opportunities than staying at my home school, Iím so glad we have a great place like Pioneer to come and find our own interests & skills."

- Stephanie Smith
"Pioneer overall has been amazing! Pioneer has made me ready for college and life. I am ready to go out in the world and show how much Pioneer has helped me."

- Elaine Finch
"I absolutely love my lab, my awesome teacher and the academic classes are so enjoyable."

- Shawn Tindal