Pioneer Wins Pacesetter Award!

Pioneer Wins Pacesetter Award!

Pioneer Career and Technology Center Wins School Pacesetter Award

 Shelby, OH – Pioneer Career and Technology Center won a Gene Bottoms Pacesetter School Award from the Southern Regional Education Board. Pioneer was honored at SREB’s annual Making Schools Work Conference on July 10 in Baltimore, Maryland. Pacesetter School Awards recognize schools that use High Schools That Work Key Practices to transform teaching and learning and motivate students to succeed in college, careers and life. MSW is the nation’s largest school improvement initiative for high school leaders and teachers with publications, case studies, site development guides and other materials to help improve high school curriculum and instruction across the nation.

Pioneer received the award for Continuous Improvement, including their System of Extra Help, which is a collaborative effort between school leaders, teachers, and counselors to ensure each student receives appropriate support to graduate and be career ready. The Pioneer Success Center has teachers available to tutor students throughout the day.  Students with an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and others who need additional accommodations utilize our Special Needs Department.  Our Student Intervention Team works with individual students struggling in their courses but not covered under an IEP.  Students in need of mental health services have access to a school psychologist to help them through life’s struggles.  Pioneer, through a partnership with Shelby Police Department, employs a full-time resource officer while school is in session to provide a safe learning environment. The four Pioneer School Counselors implemented a “Counselor-in-the-Cafeteria” initiative to be easily available in a relaxed environment.  This allows counselors to build rapport with all students. Pioneer’s Media Center/Library along with technology staff provide technology support the students and staff need to be successful with our move to 1:1 Chromebook policy.   The Media Center also provides space for clubs to meet such as the GEMS (Girls Encouraging Motivating and Succeeding) and the Yo-Yo Club.  Finally, Pioneer provides support for students in non-traditional programs to ensure their specialized needs are met.  Many of these initiatives are supported through grants, donations and tax dollars.

The Making Schools Work Conference brings together educators from schools that have implemented the instructional strategies of SREB’s school improvement programs. These schools have increased focus on career and technical education by redesigning assignments around projects that often involve both academic and career pathway classes. The Southern Regional Education Board works with states and educators to improve public education at every level, from early childhood through postsecondary education. Learn more about SREB at

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