General Questions


  • What time does school start at Pioneer, and can I still play sports?

    Pioneer students get the best of both worlds! They participate in sports, clubs, pep rallies, Homecoming, Prom, performing arts, etc. at their home school. Students graduate and receive their diploma from their home school while earning industry credentials, college credits and a Career Passport from Pioneer. Pioneer’s school day runs from 8:10 am to 2:20 pm to allow students time to get back to their home school for practices, after school meetings and to catch the bus to get home.

  • What leadership opportunities does Pioneer offer?

    Pioneer students can participate in career tech student organizations such as SkillsUSA, HOSA, FCCLA and FFA. Students actively participating in these organizations tend to have higher academic motivation, academic engagement, grades, career self-efficacy, college aspirations and employability skills. Pioneer also has their own Student Council that plans events throughout the year.

  • What fun experiences will I have at Pioneer?

    Pioneer knows experience is EVERYTHING! Our students enjoy a fun, dynamic, flexible and caring environment where they are treated like adults and encouraged to succeed. Students learn skills that help them in the real world as well as fun things like Spirit Week, First Friday Hat Days and Spring Formal.  

Academic Excellence

  • What is a day in the life as a Pioneer student like?

    Pioneer students spend three hours a day in their career tech lab! Pioneer’s instructors are industry experts. They use cutting-edge equipment and advanced technology in their career tech labs.  Pioneer students also take math, science, English and social studies classes needed to graduate. Most of our students are excited to come to school and learn real-world skills. Pioneer provides the skills and confidence students need to pursue career options, discover their passions and get on a path to success.

  • How does Pioneer prepare me for college or a career?

    Pioneer students prepare for college, a career or both at Pioneer! Students at Pioneer can be college bound or go straight to the workforce. Pioneer students get a jumpstart on college with lots of College Credit Plus classes offered and CTAGS earned in lab. There are over two dozen academic and technical College Credit Plus (CCP) classes and over a dozen electives such as Blueprint, Skills for Living, Street Law, and The Sixties. Seniors also have the opportunity to participate in Early Job Placement which allows them to begin working in the field for half of the school day. Over 65% of Pioneer graduates go on to enroll in post-secondary education. Many of our students earn significant scholarships and have the advantage of understanding what direction they want to take their career.

  • How do Pioneer students work with the public?

    Most of our career tech labs provide our students with real world experiences dealing with the public. From haircuts in Cosmetology to running The Pioneer Room restaurant in Culinary Arts, from servicing cars in Auto Technologies to repairing ATVs in Power Equipment, Pioneer students have real customers and provide valuable services.

  • Who will I have class with at Pioneer?

    Our students often find that the new people they meet while at Pioneer become their lifelong friends. Meeting students in their career tech lab that have similar interests helps many students make new friends. Pioneer students have lab and academics with students from all 14 of our partner schools as well as many other districts.  They have the opportunity to make friends with similar interests and goals. Many of our students find their niche at Pioneer.

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