Student Experience at Pioneer

Typical Day at Pioneer

You will arrive and depart Pioneer on the schedule of your local school district, either arriving by bus or driving once you have your license. Because of bus schedules, your school day is actually shorter than what is packed in at your home high school. Because of this, courses and labs are scheduled to keep you busy while you're at school. This shorter school day allows for flexibility in scheduling for those students who plan to work another job while going to school.

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Academic Classes

Spend half a day in traditional academic classes to meet your high school graduation requirements.

Earn while you learn (and get a jumpstart on college)! Pioneer offers college prep, advanced prep, and college credit plus courses for those students who plan to continue into higher education.

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Students working on a diesel engine


The remainder of the day is spent in the focused study and practice of your program of choice. Our labs are highly hands-on learning environments where you'll experience first-hand the skills you need to develop in order to succeed in the trade of your choice.

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Beyond the Classroom

Pioneer offers plenty of its own student organizations to help build a strong school community. Student council, yearbook staff, and the student ambassador group offer many options spanning a variety of student interests. Pioneer students can also become members of BPA, HOSA, FCCLA, FFA, NTHS and SkillsUSA depending on their program of enrollment.

The social connections don’t stop with clubs. Students not only get to attend their home school’s prom, but Pioneer’s very own Annual Spring Formal! The event is always a great night to remember for our students and their guests.

Our students often find that the new people they meet while at Pioneer become their lifelong friends.

Athletics and Extracurriculars

You don't have to worry about losing out on your high school experience. Many of our students continue to participate in the athletic and extracurriculars offered by their home high schools. If you are concerned about scheduling, talk to one of our guidance counselors. We can help you figure out what can work with your schedule and your home high school.

Fall 2021 Student Athletes and Band Members

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