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Culinary/ Restaurants


Primary Responsibilities: Greets (both arriving and departing) and seats all guests in a friendly manner and assists in maintaining the overall guest flow of the restaurant.
Essential Functions and Duties:
**Essential functions are the basic job duties that an employee must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation.
1. Opens door for all guests arriving/departing and invites guest for a return visit.
2. Walks guests to table and reviews menus, specials, soup of the day, new menu items, and identifies who their server will be.
3. Accommodates any special needs of guests, i.e., boosters, highchairs, disabilities.
4. Manages the Wait List when the restaurant is full and ensures that all customers are seated without regard to race or any other protected characteristic.
5. Provides guest assistance to servers as needed, including delivering food to tables, taking initial drink orders, and refilling drink orders as needed.
6. Assists with pre-busing tables and busing tables after guests leave as needed.
7. Wipes down tables, seats and resets condiments at tables as needed.
8. Maintains a clean and organized work area and completes cleaning as assigned.
9. Fills out the feature board and inflates balloons.
10. Recognizes customers as they leave the restaurant to gauge their satisfaction with the service and food, holds the door, and provides balloons to the kids, and invites them to return.
11. Setup/Maintenance: duties completed prior to the restaurant opening, preferably when no guests are in. These duties include general housekeeping and duties associated with getting the restaurant ready for the start of business. These job duties are paid at minimum wage, not as a tipped position.
12. All other job duties assigned by a manager to ensure the effective and orderly operations of the restaurant.
Applebee’s Service Promise Expectations:
  • Make Friendly, Personal Connections
  • Keep it Clean and Comfortable
  • Set the Pace and be Attentive
  • Make it Right, Serve it Fast
  • Find it, Fix it
Qualification Standards:
1. Reading, writing and verbal communication skills required.
2. Mobility required during the entire shift.
3. Transports and carries objects (such as high-chair) up to 15 pounds up to 15 times a shift.
4. Ability to wipe

Brand: Applebee's
Address: 1514 Mt Vernon Ave Marion, OH - 43302
Property Description: 171 - Marion - 1514 Mt Vernon Ave
Property Number: 171

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