Pkg Machine Operator - 2nd Shift Campbell Soup -


Ashland, OH


Machine Operator


The Packaging Machine Operator, under the general supervision, is responsible for the safe, efficient and continuous operation of snack packaging machinery.

Maintains shift documentation (i.e., Metal Detector and Batch Order Verifications)
Reads production schedule and plans accordingly.
Reads and interprets schedule in MicroStrategy.
Able to print labels on different printers, choosing correct program for each printer; move eye and clean printers.
Perform nitrogen testing.
Efficiently maintains the operation of packaging machinery by monitoring codes, dates and prices.
Maintains an adequate supply of roll stock and ensures all packaging materials are available for each machine.
Set up and write new programs for bag makers.
Writes and/or edits machine micro logic as needed to maintain an efficient and low waste operation.
Creating and modifying code dates.
Performs preventative maintenance on equipment. Sets up and makes minor scale repairs and adjustments.
Perform span calibration and/or adjustments on scales, adjust scales linkages so it opens and shuts correctly, make minor adjustments to formers.
Efficiently operates packaging equipment which may include case sealers and robot cells. This includes but is not limited to: machine setups, troubleshooting, changeovers, proper running, procedural adjustments, sanitation cleanup, preventative maintenance and shutdown.
Properly plans ahead for machine changeovers and efficiently changing from one product item to another.
Monitors and adjusts each machine to ensure proper cut off of film and bags have proper end seals and back seals as required.
Ensures machines are running at standard speeds.
Monitors product appearance and adheres to weight control program.
Identifies and resolves packaged product quality issues.
Properly accounts for product run off and handles this product accordingly; sorts through and reworks all good product
Keeps machines and work areas clean, wipes packaging machines off and blows down area when required to do so.
Immediately reports any maintenance problems to appropriate technician and/or supervisor.
Practices and adheres to appropriate safety and hygiene guidelines/procedures for safe housekeeping and personal protection.
Stores supplies in designated areas.
Keeps work area aisles/exits clear and free from obstruction; removes trash from work area floor.
Follows instructions for safe lifting/carrying of various sizes, shapes and weights; identifies/reports issues with equipment; reports all job-related injuries to supervision.
May maintain shift documentation (i.e., Metal Detector and Batch Order Verifications).
May provide leadership and direction to packers.
May be qualified to perform as Back-up Packaging Coordinator, or other technical/skilled position.
If applicable, may monitor and replenish seasoning on overhead to ensure proper seasoning coverage on product.
Mandatory overtime may be required.
May perform other duties as required.

High School Diploma or GED and/or 1-year production experience in a manufacturing environment required.

Must be able to comply with the physical demands of constantly lifting and moving stock by hand or with manual equipment (including pallet jacks and forklifts). Ability to lift 40+ lbs. on a regular basis, and occasionally be able to lift/move more than 50+ lbs. with mechanical or peer assistance.

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