Work Scheduling Coord Assc- Sr. American Electric Power


Mt. Vernon, Ohio


Electrical Engineering or CAD


Responsible for providing assistance in performing duties assigned in the work scheduling process in an area office including the scheduling and coordination of all engineered and non-engineered jobs for the distribution line and service work force. The job will combine the available personnel and equipment resources to assure that the jobs are completed timely and efficiently using the work management systems applications.


1) Accurately characterizing new Customer Work Requests, including electrical load and energy requirements; need for new distribution construction; need for specifying prerequisites for the job such as field engineering, tree trimming, electrical inspection, or special metering.

2) Providing technical knowledge and consultation to Customers regarding basic service design requirements, city ordinances, basic electrical code requirements, and Company Policies relating to installation of new or existing electrical service.

3) Coordinating with Customers, Service Supervisors, Contract Construction Supervisors, Builders, Electrical Inspectors, Foresters, and Metering to ensure work prerequisites are met.

4) Coordinating with Customers, Engineers, Service Supervisors, Contract Construction Supervisors, Electrical Inspectors, Foresters, and Metering to ensure Customer deadlines are met.

5) Negotiating with Service Supervisors, Contract Construction Supervisors, and Customers to adjust work schedules and deadlines due to workload, inclement weather, or other scheduling conflicts.

6) Assist in scheduling planned Customer Service outages

Job Type




Minimum Requirements


Education requirements are listed below:
  • Associate's degree in engineering technology
  • or high school diploma with experience as listed below.

Work Experience requirement listed below:

Progression through work scheduling assistant job family or a minimum of 2 years experience in distribution operations including good working knowledge of distribution work processes and procedures.


Physical demand level is Sedentary

Strong analytical and organizational skills, and the ability to effectively prioritize work are required. Must be proficient in the operation of computer systems in a Windows environment and have the ability to learn new and complex systems. A working knowledge of DWMS, SPECTRUM, and MACSS/OPS is preferred. Successful completion of the Support Administrative Selection System (SASS) test is required. A review of Employment Testing Information, Test Taking Tips and the SASS Practice Test can be found at

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