Sydney Weber, Media CommunicationsLexington High School

I have proven to myself that hard work and willpower can help break through boundaries and transcend my goals.

Sydney Weber, Media Communications
Lexington High School

Tonya Bravo, Culinary ArtsWillard High School

Team work and work ethic are two skills I have learned at Pioneer.

Tonya Bravo, Culinary Arts
Willard High School

Debbie Vazquez, Dental AssistingWillard High School

I have learned so much about the dental field in lab.

Debbie Vazquez, Dental Assisting
Willard High School

Abigail Brocwell, Medical TechnologiesColonel Crawford High School

I am excited to get my certifications in CPR and First Aid as well as earning my STNA.

Abigail Brocwell, Medical Technologies
Colonel Crawford High School

William Bolin, CarpentryCrestview High School

I have learned so much about carpentry and the advantages of the trade. I am gaining confidence in myself everyday through all I am being taught by my teachers.

William Bolin, Carpentry
Crestview High School

Troy Green, MasonryBuckeye Central High School

Pioneer is an amazing school with lots of opportunity. I will be recommending it to everyone.

Troy Green, Masonry
Buckeye Central High School

Mason Ricker, Power EquipmentBucyrus High School

I have gained confidence in my skills and am excited to see what the future holds.

Mason Ricker, Power Equipment
Bucyrus High School

Carter Underwood, Performing ArtsOntario High School

Performing Arts has helped grow my love of music to new heights.

Carter Underwood, Performing Arts
Ontario High School

Claire Blay, Homeland SecurityOntario High School

I have found my niche at Pioneer. I really enjoy lab, especially defensive tactics.

Claire Blay, Homeland Security
Ontario High School

Gunnar Coffman, Exercise Science/Sports MedicineWynford High School

Lab is my favorite part of the day at Pioneer. I have enjoyed meeting so many new people and making so many new friends.

Gunnar Coffman, Exercise Science/Sports Medicine
Wynford High School

Sarah Robbins,  Dental AssistingWillard High School

I have enjoyed learning new skills in lab as well as my academics.

Sarah Robbins, Dental Assisting
Willard High School

Michael Bletz, Precision Machining TechnologiesLexington High School

Pioneer academic classes go hand in hand with lab making everything easier to learn.

Michael Bletz, Precision Machining Technologies
Lexington High School

Hayden Kehres, Media CommunicationsBuckeye Central High School

Pioneer has pushed me out of my comfort zone and given me interesting experiences.

Hayden Kehres, Media Communications
Buckeye Central High School

Mason Ricker, Power EquipmentBucyrus High School

I have gained confidence in my skills and I am excited to see what the future holds!

Mason Ricker, Power Equipment
Bucyrus High School

Tricia Zender, Meat & Animal ScienceWynford High School

The skills I have learned in lab and my classes will definitely help me in the future.

Tricia Zender, Meat & Animal Science
Wynford High School

Tyler Chacey, Industrial DieselCrestview High School

I appreciate the opportunities Pioneer has given me. I have learned so much from Mr. Beal.

Tyler Chacey, Industrial Diesel
Crestview High School

Justus Hargis, WeldingBucyrus High School

My teachers care about my growth and success and teach so much before sending us into the world.

Justus Hargis, Welding
Bucyrus High School

Kaylee Morris, Collision RepairNorthmor High School

Pioneer is fun, very hands-on, has a great staff and is packed with new people. Coming to Pioneer pushed me out of my comfort zone and has made me a more determined, social and goal-oriented student.

Kaylee Morris, Collision Repair
Northmor High School

John Clark, Meat and Animal ScienceShelby High School

Pioneer is a fun learning experience! I am learning skills to take with me after I graduate.

John Clark, Meat and Animal Science
Shelby High School

Cameron Kegley, Engineering Design TechnologyLucas High School

Pioneer gives you a head start on your career. I would advise future students is to use every second wisely to learn as much as you can as you pursue your career path.

Cameron Kegley, Engineering Design Technology
Lucas High School

Keisha McClellan, HorticultureBuckeye Central High School

I have made lots of new friends and I am enjoying stronger relationships with her teachers

Keisha McClellan, Horticulture
Buckeye Central High School

Aaliyah Lester, Exercise Science/Sports MedicineBucyrus High School

I have gained confidence in the things I do. Pioneer has so much to offer!

Aaliyah Lester, Exercise Science/Sports Medicine
Bucyrus High School

Robert Coburn, Automotive TechnologyWillard High School

I enjoy working in lab because it teaches me how to behave in the workplace environment.

Robert Coburn, Automotive Technology
Willard High School

Averee Carsey, Medical TechnologiesLucas High School

I think the coolest part of lab are the clinical experiences that help solidify my plans to be a nurse.

Averee Carsey, Medical Technologies
Lucas High School

Jillian Ericsson, Collision Repair TechnologyWillard High School

Being encourage to learning a trade that is non-traditional for women is one of the things I like best at Pioneer.

Jillian Ericsson, Collision Repair Technology
Willard High School

Toby Butterfield, Automotive TechnologyWynford High School

The teachers are all very helpful and encourage me to be the best I can be.

Toby Butterfield, Automotive Technology
Wynford High School

Jason Jacobs, Power EquipmentLexington High School

The staff is always willing to help!

Jason Jacobs, Power Equipment
Lexington High School

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